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What This Isn't

If you’ve ever bought consulting training or joined a coaching program, you’ve likely run into one of two scenarios:

A) The training is taught by an “expert” parroting info you already know.

Or worse...

B) The training is taught by someone who USED to be a consultant but quit, and now just sells courses & coaching.

I’ve had this problem, consultants I’ve talked to have this problem, and I bet you do too.

Because of this, I decided to create something better.

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Unlike other “experts”... I’m running a multi 7-figure consulting business right now. That means what I’m sharing actually works, and I have the results (and story) to prove it.

When I started consulting in 2014 I struggled to get off the ground.

I couldn’t stop making wrong decisions, and I almost called it quits several times.

But through trial-and-error...

I learned how to hire the right people by hiring the wrong people.

I learned how to charge more by charging less than what I was worth.

And I learned how to scale by doing many, many things that didn’t scale.

Through my own mistakes, I discovered what actually works vs. what doesn’t, then used that wisdom to scale to multiple 7-figures in revenue.

That’s why I created my case study program, so that you can copy what actually works without wasting your time & money making mistakes. 


Why My Case Study Program Works

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Transformational Stories and Real Results from Case Study Program Students


"This is one of the best programs you can get if you want to start and scale your agency." 

- Neil Patel, co-founder of Neil Patel Digital